March 10, 2020

What is WordPress Gutenberg Editor? How to use Gutenberg!!

Gutenberg Overview

In the Releases of WordPress 5.0, WordPress Surprisingly added new block editor from classic editor. That called is Gutenberg. The Gutenberg is an amazing post editing tools where you can use paragraph, custom column, table, image, button, list, embed any video and more…features easy way.

How to use Gutenberg

Classic Editor

Gutenberg Editor

Now look into above two image, you already know 1st one is classic editor and second one is Gutenberg editor. Gutenberg just come with high quality block editor system with awesome design. You can use Gutenberg easily just click on plus icon(+) then use you favorite block with one click. You no need to know any coding skills. It’s pretty easy and simple. So enjoy Gutenberg!!

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